For more than half a century, Baran Co has had a significant role in Iran’s construction industry. Baran’s first professional experience was cooperating in construction of Mashhad Technical & Vocational University in Iran. This was followed by various other construction projects such as hospital, school and residential buildings. In 1994, an outline of Baran Luxurious Residential Complex was achieved. Soon after, Baran Luxurious Complex became one of its kind throughout the city. 22 years has passed since Baran’s first luxurious complex and since then, 16 other complexes have been constructed under the name of Baran, which is now a reliable brand within the construction industry.


A collection of the finest and most standard using materials of the most prestigious brands in the world with strict implementation and constant monitoring and quality control so that the owner of experts known as Handemade.

Self Energy

The impact of any crisis in Baran is that all input sources energy buildings designed in a way which requires no external sources of energy saved for 10 days, such as water, electricity and gas use.


Baran complex with the most modern and most advanced safety and protective equipment, is controlled by people who are trained to increase safely residents


For the Comfort of the residents, all exterior services such as room includes a lifetime warranty

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