Baran History

With more than half a century experience in construction industry, Baran has participated in various national projects such as Iran University of Science and Technology, office complexes and residential towers since 1993. In addition to presenting the final product, Baran Co. also offers business and management consultations.

From the beginning of its establishment, Baran Co. has strictly insisted on fine implementation and flawless finishing, with utmost care in details. Furthermore, Baran team insist on modifying each facility in order to meet different expectations and different preferences. Baran Co. has dedicated itself to meet the latest international standards therefore, all facilities have been inspected by significant international companies several times. All this has led Baran Co. in creating a unique and luxurious experience for its customers and providing them with exceptional services.


Baran Founders

Building modern collection with the best services and facilities, after the implementation of national projects such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and several residential projects in 1993 resulted in the idea of building the first luxury complex called the Baran which has started to set the unique features gradually in the capital, was recognized during the last 22 years, leading to the construction and operation of 16 residential and commercial brand “Baran”, now more familiar and authentic than ever in the building industry luxury in Tehran.


Baran’s mission is to build a luxurious residential building with a unique architecture. The company insists on using the latest technologies introduced throughout the world in order to provide its customers with the utmost safety and a unique residential experience.


Becoming the leading company in construction industry through the establishment of 10 luxurious buildings throughout the country followed by lifetime warranty within the next 3 years. Developing various well-known companies in the construction industry and offering consultations in order to provide their customers with excellent services.


Respecting customers and providing them with services beyond their expectations. Honesty, integrity and professionalism. Putting effort in promoting and developing the company by empowering it.